The AI Copilot for Private Equity Professionals

We're on a mission to save PE Professionals 20+ hours per month
We're starting by bringing AI into Excel

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Why Waverly?

We are the first AI Copilot that:

Lives natively inside Excel

We strongly believe in meeting users where they are. You've spent years learning how to use Excel without a mouse

Waverly fundamentally understands and manipulates spreadsheets

Writes real, auditable Excel formulas

Treat Waverly as your AI Associate. Every cell can and should be audited

AI that your VP won't hate! 

Actually creates your deliverables

Co-founded by a former TPG Associate after many late nights in Excel and PPT

Waverly's goal is to save PE Associates 20+ hours per month

Deep Understanding of Spreadsheets

Most AI tools can't properly understand spreadsheets - but our proprietary architecture reads the structure of complex spreadsheets in the same way a human would.

What other AI tools see:

What Waverly sees:

Waverly Demo

Take an early look of Waverly in action. If you find this interesting, please reach out! We'd love to hear from you

About Us

We've spent years thinking about financial automation. We believe that Finance professionals are long overdue for modern tech - But tech that keeps their Excel shortcuts intact.

Michael burned the midnight oil countless times throughout his 5 years at TPG and Goldman Sachs. We've lost track of the times where we've thought "this should be automated." With Waverly, we decided to do something about it.

Michael Yuan

Michael formerly worked as a Senior Associate at TPG and an Investment Banking Analyst at Goldman Sachs.
He most recently was Head of Finance at SuperAnnotate, a leading AI infrastructure startup